VIRAL VIDEO: Central Park Karen Calls Cops On Black Man Simply For Asking Her Put Her Dog On A Leash

NBC News reports:

A white woman called the NYPD and accused a black man of threatening her and her dog after an exchange that started when the man asked the woman to leash her dog in Central Park. Christian Cooper captured part of the exchange in a now-viral video that was posted to Twitter by his sister.

The woman, later identified as Amy Cooper, is shown on video asking Cooper to stop recording her, or she was going to call the cops and tell them “there’s an African American man threatening my life.” She repeated the statement several times, each time sounding more distressed, while appearing to call 911 dispatch.

Meanwhile, Christian didn’t appear to move any closer to Amy. He tells NBC New York that he’s an avid bird watcher who was in The Ramble, a popular spot in the park for birders, around 8 a.m. Monday morning.

This morning the clip below has over 20 million views. #CentralParkKaren is presently #2 on Twitter. At #1 is #AmyCooper.