Trump’s New Press Sec Once Called Him Racist [VIDEO]

CNN reports:

New White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was a harsh critic of then-candidate Donald Trump before she became a fierce advocate for him, including calling comments he made about Mexican immigrants in 2015 “racist.”

Before becoming a prominent pro-Trump commentator during his first campaign, McEnany said it was “unfortunate” and “inauthentic” to call him a Republican. McEnany made the comments in a series of panels on CNN and Fox Business.

“I think the mainstream Republican does not want to send the illegal immigrant back to Mexico. I think that they’re here to stay, that’s not the American way. We’re not going to ship people across the border. There has to be some path to citizenship. So, in that sense, I don’t think Donald Trump is consistent with mainstream Republicans. There’s going to be a path.”

Watch the clip for more of her attacks on Trump.