Trump Wears Goggles Not Mask At Mask Factory Tour

Arizona Central reports:

Before he strolled through the Honeywell facility to examine its mask-making efforts, President Donald Trump mused for a moment about his 2016 presidential campaign, which showed some of its promise during an early stop in Arizona in 2015. “Today is a very interesting day because it’s my first day out,” Trump said as he wrapped a discussion with tribal officials at the Honeywell facility.

“Doug (Ducey) reminded me of something. I didn’t do it for that reason, but you said this is the first place you stopped when you ran, when I ran for something that turned out to be a very successful run. And we had tremendous crowds. It was pretty incredible. I didn’t do it for that reason interestingly, but here we are.” Afterward, Trump walked through the facility — wearing safety goggles, but no mask — looking over the production of N95 respirator masks.