Trump Accuses MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Of Murder

The New York Post reports:

President Trump on Monday took a shot at MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough – calling for “Concast” to probe him for a cold case involving the accidental death of an intern in his congressional office in 2001.

The president appeared to be referring to the case of Lori Klausutis, a 28-year-old intern who was found dead in Scarborough’s Fort Walton Beach office in Florida when he was a congressman.

The medical examiner ruled the death accidental, saying Klausutis had passed out because of an undiagnosed heart condition and hit her head on a desk. No evidence has ever been found linking Scarborough to her death.

Mediaite reports:

Scarborough responded to the tweet on air, calling it “extraordinarily cruel” and saying it played into Trump’s pattern of attacking his enemies with conspiracy theories.

“You, once again, drag a family through this and make them relive it again, just like Seth Rich’s parents. As if losing a loved one the first time isn’t enough,” Scarborough said. “But this weekend, my God, you were supposed to have a working weekend. You got it wrong again.”

After mocking Trump’s attacks and his incorrect statements throughout the pandemic, Scarborough took things up a notch by saying “Mr. President, you’re getting worse every day.”