Tony Perkins: History Will Show Trump “Solved” COVID

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

When the dust settles from the coronavirus — months, maybe even years from now — there will be a lot of storylines from the crisis that were never told. One of the biggest, history will show, is about this president.

Like most leaders in his position, he’d never faced a tragedy of this magnitude. But unlike so many others, Donald Trump turned to America — not government — for answers.

It worked, not that most of the country will hear about it. He solved the supply problem, the equipment problem, the ventilator problem. But it didn’t matter. The haters in the media and Democratic Party would simply turn and harp on something else.

Now that the president’s overcome almost every obstacle in his way, the Left has latched on to something else: testing. Of course, they can’t stand the idea that the administration’s solution doesn’t run right down Independence Avenue.

Instead of relying on a slow, wasteful, and unwieldy Fed, the president is turning testing over to the competitive environment where he’s had so much success: the free market.