Threats Ensue After Militia Outs Lockdown “Snitches”

The Seattle Times reports:

As demonstrators of Washington’s stay-at-home order to slow the new coronavirus converged Saturday on the Capitol campus to again protest the restrictions, opposition has taken a darker turn online.

Two Facebook pages during the past week posted names, emails and phone numbers of state residents who had complained to the state about businesses allegedly violating Gov. Jay Inslee’s stay-at-home order. Some of the complainants say the Facebook posts have generated threats of violence and harassment against them.

One group publicizing the names, the Washington Three Percenters, has promoted the stay-at-home protests. On its Facebook page, the far-right group of self-described “God fearing Patriots,” had this message: “Want to snitch on your neighbor? Don’t expect to hide behind you (sic) computer screen.”

Read the full article. The Three Percenters are a local militia and supporters of GOP state Rep. Matt “Execute Non-Christian Males” Shea, who spoke at yesterday’s protest.