Texas Gov Gives Green Light To Bars, Sports, Day Care

The Austin Statesman reports:

Gov. Greg Abbott Monday unveiled his plans for an accelerated return to a semblance of normal life Monday, immediately reopening child care centers, Scouting and other youth clubs, as well as massage, tattoo, piercing and other personal services, with a limited reopening of bars, bingo halls and bowling alleys Friday, when restaurants will be allowed to go from quarter to half capacity.

Abbott said that while bars, craft breweries and wine tasting rooms will be limited to 25% capacity, “those capacity limits do not apply to outdoor areas that maintain safe distancing.” Also, professional sports can return on May, the 31st,” Abbott said. “That includes pro-golf, auto racing, baseball, football and basketball.” The professional sports won’t be able to have in-person spectators and will have to adhere to special safety standards.