Scott Lively: Christians Must Ready To Wage Violence Against Those Who Use COVID To Push For Socialism

“We need to be establishing a network of believers everywhere that can operate in an underground fashion. Because if this thing continues in the trend that it seems to be, we may be evolving here at a revolutionary speed [and] entering into an emerging Beast government.

“We’re going to need to have something like an Underground Railroad in which believers who are fleeing persecution are going to be able to have some way of escape.

“If these people truly are intending to destroy America, so they can bring in their global socialist system, or even a nationalist socialist system, then violence is appropriate in response in the most measured possible way. That’s the idea. If at all possible, you disarm the zombies trying to kill you without hurting them.

“But if it’s not possible, you do whatever is necessary to stop them from killing you and your family or putting you into slavery. That I believe is the duty of an American.” – Two-time GOP Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate and anti-LGBT activist Scott Lively, on a Christian webcast.