Scamvangelical: I Know That COVID Is “No Big Deal” Because My Wife And Son Were Raised From The Dead

“Once you’ve seen your son raised from the dead — my son was dead for 4-5 hours, without oxygen, and actually pronounced dead, and put in a morgue in a cooler, stripped naked with a toe tag on — and once you see your son raised from the dead, nearly five hours without oxygen and there’s no brain damage. And I’ve seen my wife raised from the dead! And I’ve seen lots of miracles happen!

“Once you see that, and you know that you have access to this power, then coronavirus comes along – they just had a report in Colorado Springs on the number of people — I think there’s like 750,000 — I forget what the number was — but this pastor actually took the physical number of people in Colorado Springs versus the number of people that had died of the coronavirus, and it was 0.001.

“And you see how weak that thing is, even in the natural realm, people that aren’t even believing God. But when you know that you have raising from the dead power on the inside, it’s like, man, is this the best thing you could throw at me? This is no big deal.” – Scamvangelist Andrew Wommack, inventing statistics from Colorado and bragging about his zombie family.

Wommack last appeared on JMG when he declared that belief in Jesus can “turn off your virus receptors” and if you get COVID anyway, you weren’t Christian in the first place.

(Via The Friendly Atheist)