Right Wing Group Had Recruited Dallas Karen To Defy Lockdown, GoFundMe Launched Ahead Of Her Arrest

Texas Monthly reports:

On Friday, Ted Cruz flew to Dallas for a haircut. He hadn’t been looking particularly shaggy, but as hair salons have become the latest front in the culture war, Cruz—never one to miss an opportunity to declare which side he’s on—invited photographers to join him before he donned a face mask and a leopard-print smock for his visit to Salon à la Mode.

If all of this feels like a particularly effective PR stunt, well, that certainly seems accurate: the GoFundMe campaign—run by a group calling themselves “Woke Patriots”—was created on April 23, one day before Luther reopened her salon.

“We researched her and her cause,” campaign organizer Rick Hire wrote on the page, “and decided that we would approach her and offer to support her as our first patriot cause. She accepted our offer.”

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