REPORT: Thiel Has “Ghosted” On Trump Over COVID

The Daily Beast reports:

One person in [Peter] Thiel’s circle tells The Daily Beast that Thiel has been “shit-talking” Trump over what he views as the president’s hamfisted and botched handling of the pandemic that has resulted in a stalled economy, massive job losses, and a U.S. death toll approaching 90,000.

Another person familiar with Thiel’s recent griping said that Thiel was “clearly very frustrated” with the president’s uneven public appearances, particularly the daily White House press briefings Trump held that often ended in head-scratching pronouncements or politically disastrous boasts.

“He ghosted us,” a senior 2020 Trump campaign source said bluntly. “If anything [new] has happened, I haven’t heard about it.”

There’s MUCH more at the link. No paywall. As you may recall, billionaire Thiel was one of Trump’s most prominent boosters in 2016 and delivered a fiery speech at that year’s GOP convention, drawing cheers when he declared himself to be a proudly gay supporter. And while Thiel may have gone publicly silent on Trump and has made no donations since 2018, his data-mining firm continues to rake in contracts from the Trump administration.