Petition Launched To “Save The Jim Bakker Show”

From the Save The Jim Bakker Show petition:

In a new, carefully crafted smear-campaign by the media, they are trying to permanently silence Jim Bakker and his ministry by attempting to target the very outlets that broadcast his Christian TV show.

They are collecting signatures and sending them to the broadcasting carriers and networks in order to remove him from the air. We must fight back. Please sign our petition.

They are blatantly misquoting what Jim said in a recent broadcast, twisting his statements to accuse him of offering Silver Solution as a cure for COVID-19. These accusations are false! Jim did not say what they are accusing him of.

Right now, we are in a war. Our religious freedoms are under attack. Jim and Lori Bakker are not afraid to boldly share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and tell the truth without spin or bias.

Each week millions tune into The Jim Bakker Show to understand the importance of being healthy in mind, body, soul and spirit, and learn how to navigate through much of the propaganda, disinformation and lies in today’s media and world. This is why they want Jim off the air.

If they can silence The Jim Bakker Show, we know they will not stop here. In these days, it is crucial that we as believers stand together! Jesus tells us that in the last days we will be persecuted for His name’s sake, and that this persecution will grow worse as we get closer and closer to the end. We must stand together!