Pelosi Worries For “Morbidly Obese” Trump’s Health

Yahoo News reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it’s “not a good idea” for a “morbidly obese” President Donald Trump to be taking the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a preventative treatment for COVID-19 — especially given his age and weight group.

“He’s our president and I would rather he not be taking something that has not been approved by the scientists, especially in his age group and in his, shall we say, weight group — morbidly obese, they say,” Pelosi told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday evening. “I think it’s not a good idea.”

Earlier on Monday, Trump revealed he began taking the drug — which hasn’t been proven to treat or prevent COVID-19 — about 10 days ago, which is around the time when two White House staffers tested positive for the virus.

Twitter, of course, has been going apeshit all night and MAGA World is firing out thousands of memes about Pelosi’s appearance. The first tweet below by GOProud founder Chris Barron was liked by Trump Junior.