Panicking GOP Begs Pompeo To Enter Senate Race

Politico reports:

Senate Republicans have a problem in Kansas. And they still think Mike Pompeo is the solution. Staring at a messy primary, a credible Democratic challenger and a real battle for Senate control, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pushing for the secretary of State to jump into the race with just weeks to go until the filing deadline.

“There’s not been a development yet,” McConnell said in a brief interview. “But he would obviously be my first choice and he has been for months.” While Pompeo has indicated to McConnell that he would not take the plunge, a looming June 1 deadline and an increasingly difficult landscape for the GOP have added a new sense of urgency to the race.

Through a months-long advocacy campaign, McConnell successfully convinced the White House that the Kansas race is an issue for Republicans. And some people close to Trump are still pushing for Pompeo to get in and simplify things for the party, according to multiple people familiar with the situation.

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