OAN Host: Trump Should Threaten To Arrest Dem Govs

“So what does the president have to lose here? Donald Trump should immediately and radically enforce the “commerce clause” of the United States Constitution. Cuomo and Newsom and Pritzker and Northam and company are in violation, clearly, of the commerce clause.

“There is no debate. Issue a cease-and-desist order to all of them. Demand that they allow residents of their respective states to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, A.K.A. commerce. Yes, demand that they reopen.

“And if they do not comply, then the Justice Department will issue arrest warrants for these governors and while federalizing local sheriffs and the president to send in the National Guard.” – Graham Ledger, One American News host.

In recent months Trump has frequently promoted OAN, usually in reaction to something that annoyed him on Fox News.