NYPD Limits Number Of People In Riverside Parks

Gothamist reports:

After repeated instances of New Yorkers packing into crowded parks on beautiful warm weather days, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today that the NYPD would begin limiting the number of people allowed into two parks in Manhattan and Brooklyn: Hudson River Park Piers 45 and 46 (this includes Christopher Street Pier), and Domino Park in Williamsburg.

And if it “works” in those parks, de Blasio added that the city would begin to apply the same approach to other parks as needed.

The NYPD has been criticized for allowing “mostly white park-goers” to crowd into parks without masks while disproportionately arresting people of color for social distancing incidents in other parts of the city. Mayor de Blasio has defended the NYPD’s conduct in some of these viral, violent incidents, arguing, “Respect goes both ways.”