NYC Bill Would Open Streets And Sidewalks For Dining

The New York Times reports:

The New York City Council introduced legislation Thursday afternoon, backed by the restaurant industry, requiring the mayor to find a way to open streets, sidewalks and public plazas to outdoor dining. Corey Johnson [photo], the Council speaker, and Councilman Antonio Reynoso of Brooklyn are spearheading the effort.

“The restaurant and the food industry has been struggling just as much as any other businesses in our city,” Mr. Reynoso said at the Council’s hearing on Thursday, adding that the process would be “something that can be done very quickly and in a timely fashion.”

At the mayor’s daily briefing on Thursday, he noted that restaurants and bars were not among the businesses included in the first phase of reopening, which the city hopes to enter in early June. When they do come online, though, Mr. de Blasio said, “I’m hopeful that the outdoors can be a big part of the solution.”