NEVADA: Right Wing Group Sues To Stop Vote-By-Mail

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports:

Nevada plaintiffs backed by a conservative voting-watch group are trying again to block the state’s all vote-by-mail June 9 primary, arguing that mail-only balloting is no longer necessary to limit the risk of COVID-19 spreading among voters.

The True the Vote group’s revised complaint seeking an injunction also argues that Clark County’s procedures for distributing ballots and conducting the election unduly favor that county’s voters over those in other parts of the state.

“Expanding mail balloting is unnecessary to combat COVID-19,” lawyers for the plaintiffs wrote in a complaint filed Wednesday. “There has been no established causal link between in-person voting and the contracting of COVID.”

Photo above is True The Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht. As their Wikipedia profile shows, True The Vote has been engaged in voter suppression in multiple states.