Minnesota Governor Mobilizes National Guard [VIDEO]

Minneapolis’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Gov. Walz has called for the full mobilization of the Minnesota National Guard. Minneapolis Mayor Frey in a media briefing said that many protesters are from out of state. St. Paul Mayor Carter in the same media briefing said that all protesters arrested Friday night in to Saturday morning are from out of state.

Gov. Tim Walz said the state is in the midst of the largest deployment of the Minnesota National Guard in state history. For context, he said the National Guard contingent currently working to get crowds of protesters under control is three times larger than the force deployed in the 1960s during the race riots.

Earlier in the night, the federal Department of Defense alerted military police to be ready to deploy to Minnesota within four hours. Walz said he would work with the president to use federal resources if necessary to control what he called an “unprecedented threat to our state.”