Mayor: Alabama Capital’s Hospitals At “Critical Point”

The Birmingham News reports:

Montgomery hospitals are starting to run low on intensive care beds, said Dr. David Thrasher, a critical care pulmonologist. The four counties making up the Montgomery metro area have seen a combined 721 new confirmed coronavirus cases since May 4 – an increase of 110 percent.

“I’m concerned about the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Mayor Steven Reed said. “We are seeing an increase in the number of people who test positive. Occupancy in our Intensive Care Units has reached a critical point and Montgomery hospital officials are now referring some cases to Birmingham.”

Last week, a couple pastors reached out to Thrasher for advice on whether to hold church services. He advised against it, since religious services have proved to be hot spots for coronavirus transmission. The ensuing exchange wound up on Facebook, where it has been shared many times.