Majority Say Trump “Inconsistent” On COVID Messages, 82% Of Republicans Believe Trump Over CNN’s Reports

Just in from Monmouth University Polling:

When asked about the advice Trump has given about how to prevent and treat the coronavirus, 42% say it has been harmful, 33% say it has been helpful, and 23% say it is not particularly harmful or helpful. Two-thirds of Republicans (68%) say the president’s advice has been helpful while a similar number of Democrats (72%) say it has been harmful.

Most Americans say the president has been largely inconsistent (55%) in his coronavirus press briefings from day to day, while 36% say he has been largely consistent. Majorities of Democrats (85%) and independents (58%) say Trump has been inconsistent, but only 18% of Republicans feel that way.

Republicans are more likely to believe Trump than either cable outlet if they provided conflicting coronavirus information – 82% for Trump to 13% for CNN and 66% for Trump to 20% for Fox News.

Democrats are much more likely to believe information from CNN (88%) than Trump (3%) and also more likely to believe Fox News (48%) than Trump (7%), although 39% volunteer that they would not believe the president or Fox.