KENTUCKY: Cultists Hang Democrat Gov In Effigy With Sign Quoting Lincoln’s Assassin, McConnell Condemns

The Louisville Courier-Journal reports:

What started out as a freedom-loving celebration of the Second Amendment ahead of Memorial Day turned into Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear being hanged in effigy and protesters chanting outside the governor’s mansion.

The Second Amendment rally, meant to inspire people “about what it really means to be FREE,” according to Take Back Kentucky, attracted at least 100 people to the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort on Sunday.

It began as a celebration of constitutional rights but turned into a protest of coronavirus restrictions and Beshear’s administration. Folks toted guns and waved American and “Don’t tread on me” flags. Taps honored the fallen, and free flags were given to veterans from all military branches.

Kentucky Democrats respond:

Hanging Governor Beshear in effigy is beyond reprehensible, and yet it is also the logical conclusion of the hateful rhetoric we saw touted on the Capitol grounds earlier this month that was implicitly condoned by elected representatives from the legislature’s majority party

Doing this in front of our Capitol, just a short walk from where the Governor, First Lady, and their two young children live, is an act that reeks of hate and intimidation and does nothing but undermine our leading work to battle this deadly disease and restore our economy safely.

USA Today reports:

A sign on the effigy said, “sic semper tyrannis,” which translates to “thus always to tyrants,” a phrase famously used by John Wilkes Booth after shooting President Abraham Lincoln.

Several speakers referred to Beshear as tyrannical in his approach to lockdown measures over the coronavirus pandemic. After news of the effigy spread, both Republican and Democrat leaders condemned it.

Secretary of State Michael Adams, a Republican, tweeted that it was “disgusting.” “I condemn it wholeheartedly,” he wrote. “The words of John Wilkes Booth have no place in the Party of Lincoln.”