Kellyanne Conway Voted By Mail But Dems Will Cheat

The Huffington Post reports:

White House aide Kellyanne Conway — who, like her boss, the president, is falsely attacking voting by mail as prone to fraud — cast her own ballot by mail to vote in Bergen County, New Jersey, in the 2018 midterm election.

Conway, who with her husband continues to own a home in northern New Jersey, tried to draw a distinction between an absentee ballot and a mail ballot, although many states — including New Jersey ― have no such distinction and allow voters to cast ballots by mail without having to assert that they will be out of town.

“That’s called an absentee ballot. One completes it and posts it by U.S. Mail,” Conway wrote in response to a HuffPost query. “Don’t confuse it with a (non-absentee) ‘mail-in ballot’ to serve your purposes.”

Yesterday Conway declared that if people can wait in line for an hour to buy a cupcake, they can wait in line to vote.