Huckabee: Trump Should “Sideline” The White House Press Corps And Only Speak With Pro-Trump Reporters

“I think the president was absolutely right to walk out on these goons. They are not interested in getting information so that they can parlay that to the public. They are interested in trying to play the gotcha game.

“If the press want to be respected, then they need to treat the presidency with some level of respect — which they haven’t since President Trump took the oath of office. And, you know, I don’t think he owes them any sense of time and effort when they are showing such a lack of respect for him, his office, the White House, and even the coronavirus.

“They are more interested in the political games that they may be able to win for their friends in the Democratic Party than they are to pass information onto the American people.

“So maybe the president should invite local reporters from around the country to come to the White House for the press briefings, leave these Washington press corps people completely on the sidelines, because they have disgraced themselves and their profession by the way they’ve behaved.” – Mike Huckabee, on Fox & Friends this morning.