Hannity: Worst Side Effect From Trump’s Drug Is A Rash

“The mob, the media go insane, as we’ve been discussing, over hydroxychloroquine. Forgetting the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons endorsed it.

“And then they get the conspiracy theories over at MSDNC, the conspiracy theory state-run socialist television network of the Democratic Socialist Party. This time claiming the president’s doctor is lying, the president’s not actually taking hydroxychloroquine.

“Uh, OK Joe, you’ve lost it as usual. Or forgetting the foremost expert in the country Dr. Daniel Wallace out of Cedar Sinai, I mean this guy, 42 years in practice, no patient of his ever hospitalized for any HCQ complication.

“Has written 400 peer-review papers, written the principle lupus textbook. He knows more about this than anybody else but the money line that he makes.

“The risk taking 400mg of hydroxychloroquine in a day and a 600mg hydroxychloroquine loading dose for 60 days, the risk is nil unless you have an allergic rash or upset stomach. That’s it, that’s the worst that can happen.” – Sean Hannity, on today’s SiriusXM show.