GOP Unwilling To Voice Support For #QAnon Nutbag Senate Nominee, Who Has Retracted Her Retraction

ABC News reports:

Republicans in Oregon this week nominated a Senate candidate with a deep history of promoting and vowing support for the QAnon conspiracy theory, providing the fringe movement its largest electoral platform yet and roiling Republicans over having a candidate who openly embraces baseless conspiracy theories.

When asked about supporting Perkins in the general election, the Republican National Committee did not comment. The Oregon state Republican Party issued a lukewarm and seemingly reluctant statement saying, “By virtue of being the GOP nominee, this is what we do – support them in winning the general election.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee would not express support for Perkins and instead responded when asked with a list of unrelated allegations against Democratic Senate candidates before saying “and THIS is what ABC News is focused on.”

Yesterday Perkins issued a statement claiming that it was “fake news” that she’s a QAnon follower, despite having said in a Twitter video victory speech, “I stand with Trump and I stand with Q. Thank you Anons.” But NOW, as you’ll see at the link, she says she misread that statement before it went it out and does indeed “stand with Q.”