GOP Senator Slams Trump’s Call To “Regulate” Twitter: Terrible Precedent, May Backfire Once Dems Take Over

“This may be attractive from a distance to some at any given moment, but it’s a very dangerous, slippery slope to start opening the door to having the government regulate these platforms. Governments have force as their only real weapon. You don’t want force deciding the art of persuasion or deciding the art of communication with social media.

“You don’t want to open that door, because even if you would like the policies that the current administration might employ if it started stepping into this arena, that that’s good for now. If you agree with it.

“But it’s not good for whether it’s a few months or a few years from now, whenever circumstances might change. It’s just terrible precedent long term. This stuff doesn’t belong to the government. It’s not the government’s tool to play with. We need to keep the two of them separated.” – GOP Sen. Mike Lee, on homocon Guy Benson’s Fox radio show.