Feds Thwart NYC Nazi Incels In Potential Terror Plot

The New York Daily News reports:

A racist anti-Semite who hinted online at his sexual frustration was busted after he and a buddy bought a pile of assault rifles from an undercover agent, the feds said Wednesday. Joseph Miner, 29, and friend Daniel Jou, 40, bought a cache of weapons with obliterated serial numbers in a hotel room near LaGuardia Airport on Tuesday night, say federal prosecutors.

Agents arrested the Bayside, Queens, pair as soon as they left the hotel room. Miner posted numerous times online about his desire to “go out firing,” the feds said. “Go on a spree after my enemies til the authorities take me out … Sometimes I’ve considered forming a well trained incel hit squad,” Miner wrote, according to the feds. He also advocated online for “RaHoWa” — alt-right online code for racial holy war, federal prosecutors said.

The Associated Press reports:

It was not clear whether the men, who are neighbors, were planning an attack, authorities said. But prosecutors pointed to alarming Instagram posts Miner made praising Hitler and the machete attack last year on a Hanukkah celebration north of New York City.

Days earlier, prosecutors said, he purchased “body armor emblazoned with an iteration of the Wolfsangel, a Nazi party symbol.” “In his own social media postings, he has glorified acts of murder and terrorism against racial, ethnic and religious groups,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Josh Hafetz wrote.

The Queens Daily Eagle reports:

Miner, a former Cardozo High School and Queens College track star, maintained a hate-filled Instagram account under the name “Souljagoy” — a play on the name of rapper Soulja Boy and the Hebrew word goy, meaning “non-Jew” — in which he identified himself as a “Far Right Propagandist.”

Instagram posts and messages entered into evidence allegedly show Miner giving the Nazi salute in a photo with the text “God I hate women jews and n——, holding a knife in a photo captioned “overthrowing [Jews] is our Christian duty,” celebrating the anti-Semitic attack in Monsey, NY and praising Hitler.