Elon Musk Tells Followers To “Take The Red Pill”

Business Insider reports:

The co-creator of “The Matrix” has slammed Elon Musk and Ivanka Trump for tweeting the “red pill” phrase that has its origins in the movie series. Tesla CEO Musk tweeted “Take the red pill” accompanied with a red rose emoji on Sunday, and soon after was quote-tweeted by Trump with the reply: “Taken!”

Movie director Lilly Wachowski did not appreciate the reference, and responded to Trump’s tweet by saying: “F— both of you.” The idea of taking a red pill stems from the first “Matrix” movie.

The “red pill” analogy has more lately been adopted by the alt-right as a way to describe a political awakening. The phrase comes up frequently in forums devoted to white supremacy, men’s rights and support for President Donald Trump.

Musk included a red rose emoji, which many have taken as a message to supporters of Bernie Sanders, who have adopted the symbol.