Cuomo Outlines Four-Phase Reopening For NY State

The New York Post reports:

Cuomo last month said that construction and manufacturing gigs in less hard-hit regions would be the first sectors to trickle back on once the current installment of the statewide prohibition on non-essential business expires on May 15. On Monday, he expanded on that plan, now divided into four phases.

In addition to construction and manufacturing, the first group of services to return will include wholesale suppliers and select retail businesses that offer curbside pickup, Cuomo said. The second phase would see the return of sectors including finance and insurance, real estate and other retail businesses.

Restaurants and hotels would come back online in the third phase, while the fourth phase would bring arts and entertainment venues, as well as education. “Density is not your friend here, large gatherings are not your friend,” said Cuomo. “That’s why those situations would be down at the end.”

In order qualify for each phase, Cuomo issued a seven-point grading system based on new cases, new hospitalizations, and daily death totals, among other factors.