Cultists Are Printing Out Fake Face Mask Exemptions

The Daily Beast reports:

“Hi, I have a medical condition that I’m not allowed to wear a mask and I’m not required by HIPAA rules and regulations to disclose that,” Shelly Lewis told a supermarket manager, who nonetheless explained that she would not be allowed inside without a protective face mask. “You’re discriminating against me now, do you know that? You’re discriminating against me.”

Lewis, a prominent member of the Flat Earth movement, recently uploaded footage of the encounter, where it went viral even after she deleted it.  But across the internet, in circles decidedly less fringe than Flat Earth, Americans are spreading disinformation about medical laws that allegedly exempt them from wearing face masks amid a pandemic that has killed over 90,000 people in the US.

At the link (no paywall) you’ll see that Lewis and others are reciting a script spreading on right wing social media, where fake HIPAA face mask exemptions can be printed out to fool unknowing store employees. Read the full article.