Cultist Network Feeds WH Spox Question On Whether Trump Will Pardon Obama For Spying On Him [VIDEO]

OANN cultist reporter Chanel Rion:

I‘d like to switch gears and ask about President Obama. We had an interesting article from [Breitbart’s] Joel Pollak this morning. I’d like to ask you if the President has considered pardoning President Obama for illegally wiretapping, illegally spying on citizens, and other potential crimes out there.

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany:

I laid out a series of questions that any serious journalist would want to answer about why people were unmasked. I wanted to follow up with you guys, did anyone take it upon themselves to pose questions about Michael Flynn and the unmasking of a president Obama spokesperson?

Having been fed the surely previously agreed upon question, McEnany then just happened have a slideshow about Obama “spying” on Flynn. After the third slide, she fled the room without taking further questions as reporters shouted for answers.