COVID+ House Reps Donate Plasma For Antibody Study

Roll Call reports:

Mike Kelly was back home in his district at the end of St. Patrick’s Day week when he started to experience “flu-like” symptoms that included headache, upset stomach and chills. “My wife said, ‘You know what? I don’t like the way things are going here.’”

What came next is quickly becoming a ritual for members of Congress who have recovered from COVID-19. A friend suggested he should try to donate convalescent plasma, the liquid part of blood that can be collected from survivors. Researchers want to know how antibodies in the plasma might help other patients fight the disease.

With that, he joined a small but growing club of lawmakers who have donated plasma in the hopes a transfusion could help another patient. For these members of Congress, it’s a way to raise awareness, lead by example and express gratitude. It could also become an expectation as more politicians contract the virus.

Read the full article. Two other House reps have also donated.