COVID Cluster Linked To Coughing Woman At Party

CNN reports:

A birthday party was behind a cluster of coronavirus cases in Pasadena, California, according to health officials. A “large number” of extended family members and friends were at the party, the Pasadena Public Health Department said.

One patient at the party was coughing and not wearing a face covering, health officials said, and other party guests were also not covering their face or social distancing. “She was joking with people at the birthday party,” Lisa Derderian, a spokeswoman for Pasadena. “She said I may have Covid-19, and lo and behold, she did.”

Through contact tracing, investigators were able to confirm five Covid-19 cases traced to the party, all Pasadena residents. “But we think five or six more party guests who live outside Pasadena may have been infected, because they showed symptoms of the virus,” Derderian said.