Christian Site: Demons Are Causing Deaths By COVID

From the always reasonable Charisma News:

Demonic causes of illness are more common today than purely physical ones, apostle Jay Caprietta says on the Kingdom Authority With James Alford podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network.

“Today, today we are dealing with an alleged pandemic called COVID-19. Corona, by the way, means ‘crown.’ COVID-19 has attached to it a spirit of fear and a demon of fear. And so, the way the media is advertising is that the coronavirus is a ‘death virus,'” he says.

Caprietta says that brings great power to the media. “They can use that to do whatever they want. Because if you want to get to somebody, get somebody’s attention, you mess with their health, anything to do with their health, you have their attention right now. The spirit of fear that has come upon people is demonic in every sense of the word,” he says.