Branch Covidian Pastor Sues Dem Louisiana Governor

Baton Rouge’s ABC affiliate reports:

Rev. Tony Spell wants a federal judge to block authorities in Louisiana from enforcing bans on gatherings against him. He’s also asking to be paid for what his attorney said are “unconstitutional restrictions” and “unconstitutional punishments.”

These requests are made in a federal lawsuit filed by Spell’s attorney on Thursday, May 7. Among the claims used to justify Spell’s requests are allegations that Spell, in addition to his church and neighboring home in Central, La., became the target of surveillance and interference attempts.

Baton Rough’s CBS affiliate reports:

In the documents, attorneys representing Spell say it is a “travesty” that the pastor’s religious freedoms were infringed and claim that it hasn’t been proven that Spell truly violated the “ambiguous and contradictorily-worded” emergency order.

Spell was arrested last month after surveillance cameras caught him nearly striking a protester near Life Tabernacle Church while driving a church bus.

Spell was then placed under house arrest after his release from jail for continuing to hold services despite a condition of his bond spelling out that he must obey the emergency order.