Axios: Kushner Working On “Radical Overhaul” Of 2020 GOP Platform, Wants No Mention Of Ex-Gay Torture

Axios reports:

For the past six months, top Trump campaign officials, reporting to Jared Kushner, have been working on a radical overhaul of the Republican Party platform. The Trump campaign’s Bill Stepien has been leading the process, working with campaign colleagues and the Republican National Committee. As with all significant campaign matters, they’ve been reporting back to Kushner.

Kushner told colleagues he wanted “something like the 10 principles we believe in.” As an example of language that would alienate voters, Kushner said that he didn’t want to see anything about “gay conversion therapy” in the 2020 platform. The 2016 platform did not explicitly mention gay conversion therapy, but it included this line: “We support the right of parents to determine the proper medical treatment and therapy for their minor children.”

Oh, this WILL be interesting.