Ann Coulter Unloads On Trump: “He’s A Shallow And Disloyal Retard, A Whining Blame-Shifting Fruitcake”

As I reported here a few days ago, Jeff Sessions found his ballsack and sorta kinda stood up to Glorious Leader’s latest attack on him over the Russia probe.

This afternoon Ann Coulter, author of the 2016 hagiography, In Trump We Trust, seized upon Sessions’ response to label Trump a “whining, blame-shifting, gigantic fruitcake” as well as a stream of other abuse you can see below.

Not incidentally, Coulter has also used the same “gigantic fruitcake” expression to attack former FBI Director James Comey, also over the Russia probe. Coulter has regularly condemned Trump for lying about the progress of his border wall, but it’s not yet clear what spawned today’s tirade.