Alex Jones: Nursing Homes Are Eugenics Death Camps And Nazi Nurses Get $500,000 To Harvest Baby Organs

“Imagine all the old people suddenly dying in the nursing homes, family not allowed to see what’s happening. Now they’re prisons. Now they’re eugenics death camps. And notice it’s the blue cities and the blue states that have perfected the corruption where you see almost all the deaths.

“Because that’s where you’ve got hospitals, where you’ve got order-followers, who are very stupid, with a few doctors and the bioethics board on top, like Gov. Northam, who used to run the baby-harvesting program in Virginia. 

“Keep them alive sometimes two weeks, they have a special ward, OK we took care of your baby it’s gone now. It’s in a ward, they wait for the orders come in for the organs.

“Keep them comfortable. And those nurses are making a half million a piece because they are carrying out Nazi operations.” – Self-avowed cannibalistic ass-eater Alex Jones, on today’s show