49% Of White Protestants: Trump Was Anointed By God

The Christian Post reports:

The belief that President Donald Trump, as well as presidents in general, were “anointed by God” has increased considerably among church attendees, according to a recent report. Among white Protestants who attended church once a week or more, belief that Trump was anointed by God had increased from 29.6% last year to 49% this year, according to a report titled “Trump the Anointed?” that was published by Religion in Public.

Last August, Trump garnered controversy when, during a press conference that included a question about trade negotiations with China, he called himself “the chosen one.” Trump later walked back his comment, claiming in a tweet that he was being sarcastic and that the reporters present knew he was just joking. On the same day, Trump retweeted a comment by conservative radio host Wayne Allyn Root, comparing the president to the “King of Israel” and “the Second Coming.”