Zircon & Burlap: 5G Frequencies Cause COVID [VIDEO]

“I’m hearing that these 5G towers are going up, and if they’re in certain places, the frequency of that can really throw your body off. I’m not a doctor; I’m just going on what they were saying about this. It can also cause for your genetic material to test for COVID-19.

“Now, I don’t know how true that is, but I believe somebody should look into it. Why are towers going up in our country if they haven’t been tested to make sure that we as the American people can handle it? We are not China. I am not for big government, or whoever spying on the American people, trying to control the American people.

“It’s bad enough when I can think of a shoe and I go on social media and there’s the shoe. We on to something here. So I will wish that around, especially around our rest homes, just start paying attention because why is this stuff going up in our country and it hadn’t been fully tested?

“And I understand it’s for internet or whatever, but can we handle this much frequency? Can our bodies handle this?” – Zircon and/or Burlap, speaking today on their Fox Nation webcast. Fox won’t give subscriber numbers but says 85% subscribe after a free trial.