White Supremacists Celebrate Trump’s Immigration Ban

Jared Holt report at Right Wing Watch:

Anti-immigration writer Peter Brimelow and his ​white nationalist organization VDARE have declared “victory” in the wake of President Donald Trump’s announcement that he plans to temporarily cease immigration into the United States. Leaked emails published by the Southern Poverty Law Center revealed ​White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller​’s affinity for white nationalism​​.

On the VDARE blog Monday night, a headline declared: “VICTORY: Donald Trump Announces Immigration Moratorium.” In the blog post, VDARE took credit for Trump’s announcement, writing, “VDARE has castigated the GOP for weeks for doing nothing about immigration in response to the pandemic. Trump just did exactly what’s needed.” VDARE continued, “This proposal signals that Trump is serious about putting America First. He may have very well won re-election tonight.”

Read the full article. VDARE last appeared on JMG when the DOJ posted a link to their website.

The group is named for Virginia Dare, the first white child born in what would become the United States.

At the 2016 GOP convention, two of their tweets appeared on the arena’s jumbotron, a fact that the group celebrates in their Twitter profile.