WH Advisor: Why Not Put Everyone In “Space Outfits”?

“I was thinking this morning, and this is just kind of a thought experiment because I was thinking about this — why don’t we just put everybody in a space outfit or something like that?

“Seriously, I mean — I know we don’t have space outfits [laughter]— I mean, just thinking out loud, and maybe this is a crazy idea, but instead of just locking down the economy, putting everybody in a kind of — you’re right,  you have to make 200 million of these, but it wouldn’t have cost $3 trillion to do that.

“And you can have for months people just walking around in these kind of — I mean, I was looking online, and there are all these kinds of suits that they’re building now that you’re not exposed and you’re breath — kind of ventilator.” – Stephen Moore, speaking to the New York Times.