West Virginia Gov “Surely Hopes” That Pandemic Will Cause An Exodus From Cities, Spur Return To Rural Life

“I would surely hope so. If you could see what I’ve lived with every day in West Virginia, you would be packing up and heading here tomorrow, because it’s the most pristine air, the most pristine water, good family people that have real values, low crime, good schools, the roads are good.

“People have such a misconception of West Virginians. And we’ve got a ton of really smart people here, and not only are they smart people, but they’re innovative in what they do and they’re crafty differently. We’re becoming very self-sufficient in our capabilities to manufacture our needs here.

“There’s just so much goodness that’s happening right in West Virginia. We’re not piled right on of top of one another.” – Coal mining billionaire and West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, agreeing with a Breitbart radio host that the pandemic might cause people to consider a rural life.