Walsh To Justin Amash: You’ll Only Be Helping Trump

Former Rep. Joe Walsh writes for the Washington Post:

I get how disgusted Amash is with both major political parties. I get that you don’t go, overnight, from being a conservative Republican to becoming a progressive Democrat. I get that he’s probably the only lower-case-L libertarian with enough name recognition to make the Libertarian Party even remotely relevant right now. I get that he doesn’t want to spend the next 20 years on the backbench as the only genuinely liberty-minded member of the House of Representatives.

But that’s not what’s at stake right now. The pettiness and corrosion of both parties in Congress are no joke, but they are not the immediate threat to the viability of our government. That threat is Trump. And that’s why Amash running for president on the Libertarian Party ticket is such a terrible idea. Amash can’t win. But he can siphon enough votes from the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, to hand the election to Trump. The last thing we need is a third-party candidate. Not this year, congressman.

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