Virginia Distilleries Allowed To Ship Directly To Homes

The Virginian Pilot reports:

The liquor laws in Virginia just keep loosening their belts. As of Monday, any of 45 Virginia distilleries can now FedEx or UPS their liquor directly to customers — at least for the duration of the coronavirus state of emergency. The news came came via an announcement on the ABC’s website and Twitter account Monday morning.

The distillery must have an existing ABC license as a distillery store. Only six bottles per distillery, per month, may be shipped to a single customer. Also, no jugs larger than 1.75 liters will be allowed. And, of course, the distillery must verify the age of the purchaser and require a signature upon receipt.

This announcement follows a machine-gun patter of changes to the state’s alcohol laws, as the coronavirus remakes the restaurant and retail landscape. On March 20, restaurants gained the ability to deliver wine and beer to customers’ houses.