UN, AMA, Heritage Foundation Slam Trump On WHO

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres:

“Now is a time for unity in the global battle to push the COVID-19 pandemic into reverse, not a time to cut the resources of the World Health Organization (WHO), which is spearheading and coordinating the global body’s efforts.”

American Medical Association:

“During the worst public health crisis in a century, halting funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) is a dangerous step in the wrong direction that will not make defeating COVID-19 easier. Fighting a global pandemic requires international cooperation and reliance on science and data. Cutting funding to the WHO – rather than focusing on solutions – is a dangerous move at a precarious moment for the world. The AMA is deeply concerned by this decision and its wide-ranging ramifications, and we strongly urge the President to reconsider.”

Heritage Foundation:

“China would immediately exploit the announcement to expand its misinformation campaign, cement its influence in the World Health Organization, and portray the U.S. as uninterested in helping other countries deal with COVID-19. In this instance, the threat of future withholding will be more effective than a preemptive decision. Instead of ending funding during the current crisis, the U.S. should condition future funding to specific actions by the World Health Organization.”