Twitter Bans Infowars Host Behind Lockdown Protest

Jared Holt reports at Right Wing Watch:

Twitter permanently suspended at least four Infowars-affiliated accounts Thursday for violating ​the website​’s policy against ban evasion, including a verified account used by one of the networks’ hosts that had accumulated more than 150,000 followers. According to Twitter, the accounts used by Infowars employees violated the site’s platform manipulation and spam policy, specifically rules against “creating accounts to replace or mimic a suspended account.”

On Thursday, Twitter suspended the accounts used by Owen Shroyer, host of the Infowars program “War Room,” and Infowars news director Rob Dew. It also suspended an account called “Off Limits News,” which was used by Infowars contributor Harrison Smith, and an account called “Banned Video,” which linked to the platform that currently hosts Infowars’ video content.

As I reported yesterday, Shroyer is organizing a cultist march on the Texas Capitol to protest local “communist” lockdown orders.