Trump Lies That Airline And Amtrak Passengers Are Getting “Very Strong Tests” For Virus Before Boarding

CNN’s relentless Daniel Dale reports:

President Donald Trump falsely claimed Thursday that airplane and train passengers are being given “very strong tests” for the coronavirus both before departure and after arrival.

Asked at a White House briefing if he is considering a temporary ban on domestic flights and rail travel, Trump said he was thinking about how to handle flights to and from virus “hot spots,” but that it’s “a very tough thing” to shut down “entire transportation systems.” He also claimed that there are safeguards already in place.

“They’re doing tests on airlines — very strong tests — for getting on, getting off. They’re doing tests on trains — getting on, getting off,” he said. There is no evidence plane and train passengers in the US are being tested for the coronavirus at all, let alone both when they get on and get off.