Trump Lies Again About Not Leaving The White House: People Say I’m The “Hardest Working President” Ever

CNN fact-checked this lie earlier this week:

During an exchange with “PBS NewsHour” White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor, Trump claimed he hadn’t “left the White House in months” except to send off the USNS Comfort, a hospital ship sent from Virginia to aid New York.

When Alcindor reminded him that he had campaign rallies in February and March, he suggested he couldn’t recall doing so. Alcindor: “You held rallies in February and in March and there are some Americans …”

Trump: “Oh, I don’t know about rallies. I really don’t know about rallies.” Trump held five campaign rallies in February and one on March 2. He left the White House on several occasions in March.

USA Today reports:

Throughout February and early March, Trump insisted the U.S. had the coronavirus under control and that Americans should stay calm. At a televised visit to the CDC on March 6, Trump said the coronavirus “came out of nowhere.”

During this time, Trump played golf on Jan. 18 and 19, Feb. 1 and 15, and March 7 and 8, according to the Trump Golf Count website.

He hosted rallies on Jan. 9 (Toledo, Ohio); 14 (Milwaukee), 28 (Wildwood, N.J.) and 30 (Des Moines, Iowa), as well as Feb. 10 (Manchester, N.H.), 19 (Phoenix), 20 (Colorado Springs), 21 (Las Vegas) and 28 (Charleston, S.C.).